The Epiphone Interview: Nick Catanese

Great to see you Nick. So let’s get right to it! Is there a story behind you retiring from Black Label Society? I just wanted to do my own thing. That was Zach’s baby–Black Label Society–he did all the...

Epiphone Endorses Nick Catanese

Nick is pleased to announce his partnership with Epiphone. These three beauties are now in Nick arsenal.

Learn from Nick at Wexford’s School of Rock

  Want to learn guitar from the Evil Twin? Visit for all the details

Nick to appear at Rock And Rock Fantasy Camp July 31- August 2

Nick will appear at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp at Mandalay Bay July 31st through August 2nd. More information at:

Nick at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

March 27th through March 30th at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino